Shutting down

I’m shutting down my blog, so I just wanted to say good bye, and thanks for all your kind supportive words…but I’m feeling the need to live my life a little more privately. Wishing you all the best,



Catch- up post: Madison Ave Shirt


The “Madison Ave Shirt” (dog walking collection )



This is the latest addition to my dog walking collection. I thought long and hard about this puppy. It is the same pattern as the last top I made, but I lengthened it

IMG_7992To cover the rear end .

It is lined in a silk and cotton voil, very thin material, (but not the sleeves). I added tabs over the shoulders to casual it down ( however I used the tab pattern piece, which was meant for the roll up sleeve and it’s actually too thin. I was not going to take the sleeves off for new ones.)  Live and learn – research before you proceed on anything your not totally sure of.  I also choose the white snaps to casual it down instead of buttons. The bright blue and white fabric is cotton.

Why did I underline  it?  I wanted to up the feel on the inside with the silk. You see I like nice quality fabrics, but my life style is very casual, so I thought I could have a secret- looks like plain old cotton, but it’s not ;- )) . Naturally a disaster happened. I was trimming the seam of the silk-ish lining and snipped the cotton blue fabric. Yikes! I mean I had hand based this lining in..not just the edges, but all over, as in over kill, and then I snip the good fabric! Luckily..the snip was really small, and it was the under side of the button strip down the front. Which reminds me…I went through a lot of effort to put that plain blue strip down the front. I did that for a retro feel…and then I could make the cuffs a plain blue too, as I like the contrast of plain and pattern by my hips. I thought I had fitted the shirt well enough last time, but now I see I would like the princess seams to be fitted just a little closer under the bust. Live and learn – make sure the muslin is excaltly how you want it to be before you go ahead and sew!

I also managed to snip the lining near the hem.  Perhaps I was getting tired and I should have took a break at the time.

I actually finished the arm whole seams with bias strip of the silk-ish lining material. I feel proud about that.

Anyhow, the fashion fabric was picked because I thought it ” suited” the street and neighbourhood. Summery ( cotton) colourful ( bright and happy ) arm coverage for sun.  I’m hoping the pattern of circle white dots is not too – flowery. Leaning to modern was my hope.


I really do like this shirt. I’m disappointed about the nasty snips, but they are on the inside, only I know…but it ruins my attempt to have a nice inside. Oh well…live and learn – take a break when you get tired.

Im gonna have to let the fitting go, there is nothing I can do about the princess seams as I did self-bound then top stitched. This means I trimmed very short on one side to be incased in the other side. I choose this type of seam for durability, as it’s an everyday walking the dog shirt which will get washed and worn a lot.


This is the most work I have put into any garment, that I can remember, because that is why I sew…for the choices I get to make. The details I choose to add. I think it’s going to take a little while to get over the things that went wrong, but I do believe that will fade with time…and even now I’m happy about the right choices. The advice to slow down and to think hard is really good advice for me.  We’ll see what happens next project.

three tops so far,  for dog walking collection:

1. linen “park walking shirt” inspired by this artist,  , 2. ” The Mr’s Bug Shirt” and  3. ” cotton  Madison Ave.” shirt.



Moving on.

IMG_7860Finished the good neighbours second pair of socks ( grey). Much better then the first pair ( green)   I found a lovely wooden box at the liquor store to put them in with a bit of wool for mending, and I donated a darning needle to boot. When I gave them to him, he looked just like a little boy that was opening a gift….with a look on his face that said, “Just what I always wanted!!” The gift of giving…the giver gets the nicest gift ..I’m glad he likes them 😄

At the moment, I’m working on some dog walking socks for myself .


Thats all for this time. I’ll be back real soon with the book club report of The Sand Trap by Dr. Marshall .


Stay cool, we’ve got some hot hot hot weather in the forecast.

Joyce. All photographs taken by author unless otherwise stated. ( some with the not so good iPad camera)


The Good Book Ladies Lunch Club review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan


Photo by waiter

This book got mixed reviews, like  the expressions in the photo above. Some people loved the summery beach read escape into the land of the rich, some were not so happy to go there. I gave it a 3.5 along with a few others, and one or two members went all out reading all three books! This book led us into the discussion of money and happiness. Crazy rich Chinese was an eye opener for some of us. It’s going g to be a movie and likely a tv series, where I personally think it belongs.


I knew I had read a book similar when I was thirsty to soak up some luxury  –” China Rich Girlfriend” I had read it some time ago, and enjoyed it enough (as I was sewing designer inspired items at the time), but the  second time round I was tired of the fictional story. This other book could have effected by book rateing. Anyhow, this time, with this book,  I would have been happier with just the factual foot notes.

Lunch at the Teklenburgs steak and seafood restaurant  was fun…in more ways then one.


Tim, our waiter was too funny. ! Funny funny guy…how much and for how long you wanted the stand up comedian show is still up for debate….but it was fun all the same. Laugh laugh laugh .


Faye and I made an effort to dress in theme for the book. . So funny, cause it truely is a high /low fashion magazine spread .

Faye. High end


Photo by Faye

Top and brooch from Thai daughter-in-law ( Thailand)  Necklace and bracelet of Jade from her mother’s collection. Earrings  of  Jade from Hong Kong airport.

joyce: low end


Thirfited top from second hand store. Fake diamond earrings from 60th birthday party and Cheap fake diamond necklace and ring bling, shortened by safety pin!

They were rather surprised I threw in the nautical theme…(for the restaurant location) Blue and white, plus a nautical themed  charm bracelet which my daughter had bought me from Bannana Relublic.New shoes..bought from a higher end shoe store that was having a sale ( great arch support…and a welcomed addition to my “dog walking collection in process”)

Lena was not able to attend and we really missed her. She is such a good cook, weddings and BBQ ‘s are demanding her time. Surely she will make it to the next one. Fingers crossed.

Some members will be taking a break over the rest of the summer, Gayle and Faye will be missing in action, but the rest of us are up for my book choice for July.

Naturally…I had to go for a theme. Summer, restaurants with balconies, which lead to Timberwolf  Golf Course, which lead to the novel…Sand Trap by  Dave Marshall. A novel based around the game of golf, Canadian characters, romance, mystery, aging and facing their histories.

Till we chat again

Joyce, still working on her dog walking shirt.





Last Ladies Book Club Meeting M.I.A. Long update post.


Photo by waitress, via Margie.

I was not able  to attend the last book club meeting. I gave The Widow  by Fiona Barton a 3.5  .  I do believe most of the group felt the same. It was a pretty easy read, the writting wasn’t wonderful. The subject of child porn ( no graphic details were given in the story) made me nervious . Would  it  keep me awake at night?  ( I have those two sweet grandchildren to worry about)  but that didn’t happen. I did learn a thing or two about how the police department works, and a little about chat rooms. It did make me rethink about posting grandchildren  photographs on Flickr and face book…but, to me, the good ( spreading joy and sharing) out weighs the risk of the bad. Anyhow, In my opinion, the characters were smart when the author needed them to be, and stupid when she needed them to be, so that was a little unbelievable, but whatever…easy read …. 3.5


Spreading a little joy. Teeheee.


You might remember I made this dress to wear for an afternoon tea party in Toronto in June


But on the day of the event, I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it. That quilting cotton….there is something I really don’t like about it….and I’m not sure what the issue is. It wrinkles badly, kind of heavy….? And I didn’t like the neck..too open, flopping around…….but I had my blue and white me made dress on reserve…and the print reminds me of Bone China, so I felt fine in that.


Photo by Doug

It was fantastic. Perfection: Location , atmosphere, friendship and sweet treats, on a beautiful day.


Photo by waiter

Finally got the Rocky sculptures I made for my daughter delivered.


And mini Rocky made it to her office safe and sound


Photo by Nancy

Leslie of Sewniptuck posted a link to Andrea Eastin’s free “How To Build A Self Sewn Wardrobe” which looked interesting, and I I joined in. ( you will have to google as I don’t know how to add blue links on my iPad) Her email lessons got me thinking about a few things and I made notes as the lessons were delivered each day. She encouraged me to slow down and to think, longer and harder about what I was making and why I was making it and for whom I was making it for. It would be cool to buy into her courses she offers on line, but for now I’ll use what I’ve got for free and the direction she has sent me thinking …and we will see what happens .

And so far….this is what’s happened !


Slowing down, and thinking more….lead to a “dog walking shirt” for the Mr. However, in my effort to support the Local  Sewing Lounge I bought….more quilting cotton! And yeap…I just don’t like it!

But….I do like the idea of a ” Dog Walking Collection”, so for now I’m not going to make more book themed outfits.

Im working on this at the moment


Dog walking shirt for me.

I found this fabric at Fabricland. It is a linen blend. The flowers are quit big , so I tried to use a pattern that cuts them up a little, otherwise I might look like lawn furniture! Perhaps…if I thought even longer and harder about it, I would have underlined the material in a thin cotton….but I wasn’t that smart, but I did catch it in time to line it. Mr. seams alright can wear warm colours, but I will contrast with the dog in blues.

As you can see, I have a bit more to do, so fingers crossed, that I slow it down, think long and hard…and get more if what I really want in the end. This is a MaCall’s 6035 pattern which I bought for two dollars at the Sew Local Lounge bargain bin. It has different cup sizes.



Till the next time…. hope your having a great summer so far!


joyce.       All photos taken by author unless otherwise stated.

Book Club themed “Twee” dress

I’m not going to give my review untill after the book club meeting ( which I have to miss, due to being out of town ) .

However, The Widow by Fiona Barton is a “who done it” which involves the kidnapping of a little girl. I decieded to give a nod to the Twee, fashion style.


Little girlish, innocent vibes, slight vintage feel. Bows ribbons, little cats…you get the drift. I had bought the blue material to make the dress. I used the same pattern ,IMG_3581

but altered the neck line, made bigger pleats and added some detail in burgundy to go with the burgundy/brown “baby Jane ” shoes…which are very comfortable and sturdy feeling.

I added  more pleats around the sleeves.



I spent a lot of time on a Peter Pan collar which I made detachable.

IMG_7281Then I found a pearl peter son collar you can attach, but in the end, I went for just the piping and vintage buttons. I was also going to wear colourful tights, in green, but I liked the blue pants hose better.

I do like the dress, and will likely wear it often this summer.

I have decided this will be the last of my book themed sewing projects.  I have a new idea I’ll fill you in on later.

Happy Mothers Day  tomorrow


My daughter Nancy had these delivered, aren’t they beautiful!

Hope your having fun !


Till the next time ,

joyce.    All photos taken by author unless other wise stated.

Tea dress for June


Finished the dress for the tea booked in Toronto, the beginning of June. I’m trying to buy as much as I can from the new “Sew  Local Sewing Lounge” which recently opened in New Sudbury. This, is quilting cotton, and it’s not my first choice for fashion fabric, but the design was great…so I went for it.

I used Simplicity 2404 and the added this to the sleeves.


On trend for the spring season, and, covers my ageing  arms…yet cool…in more ways then one! Tee hee. This is the true colour, taken outside in natural lighting.


My sister is crocheting me a narrow scarf.. I’m hoping to get an ” on location, at the tea ” shot to feature the scarf, as she is just making it now.

In other news, I have read The Widow, which was Marie’s choice for the book club….and I will be sewing something in a Twee look, for the book club theme sewing project , for the end of May. More fabric from The Sewing Lounge, already purchased.

Till we chat again, I’m now onto the second pair of socks for the neighbour



Hope your having a wonderful spring day.


All  photos taken by author unless otherwise stated

Book club Canadian theme dressing

Ladies Good Book Lunch Club / march


Marie and Gayle greatly missed!

photo by waitress


Today we discussed “Open Heart Open Mind” by Clara Hughes.scores 3.5/5   3.5/5   4/5  4.5/5

I gave the book a 3.5/5.  I’ve read better and I don’t think she is a great writer. I also expect people who are writing this kind of book to have their act together , and I can’t say I totally believe she does. We had good things to say about the book and we all admire her for over coming what she has, and for doing good work globally  but we were all confused as to what the book was really about. She would have done better ,we felt, if she concentrated on one aspect,  We all agreed we wouldn’t give this book as an aid for anyone suffering from depression. Many of us were surprised that they had not heard of her , till now, yet many people around us had! It was interesting to learn more about the sport of skating and cycling.

next book meeting will be sometime at the end of May, and I don’t know yet what the book will be….but it gives me time to move forward with my next sewing project which will be a fancy ” tea” dress for early June. I’m meeting some friends at a hotel in Toronto for ” high tea”….which is reall afternoon tea……yadda yadda.

…wore my fleece blazer to the meeting



With Mr Seamsalright pins from his work with Aboriginal Northern Development Canada and the found Canadian vintage buttons!

I do like the jacket, and it is warm. I’ll have to replace the lining, some day soon. Looks better with grey pants, but I was working a theme teehee.

So thats it for today. I do love being a Canadian!

We have adopted a dog. His name is Bullet. Cutest dog ever!


All photographs taken by author unless other wise stated.

Till the next time ,



“Canadian” themed jacket , it ain’t no Chanel!


I’m  feeling a little annoyed, because I had lined this jacket with winter coat lining, after I was finished, I just couldn’t stand it because I knew it was wrong, too heavy. So last night I riped out the thick lining, made another in dress weight lining, and put that in today. And , I wasn’t going to make button holes, because of the fleece and I only used light interfacing….but, I broke down and did them. The big buttons and big snaps were too thick, too much, and yes, I had sewn them all on before I decided to back track. Anyhow, I’m pleased enough but this jacket has a few more stories that caused me frustrations. Like, I thought I had cut out sleeve linings..but couldn’t find them, cause I didn’t cut them out, just thought I did. So, after another twenty dollars on thick coat lining, ( which I didn’t use) was purchased, I found a nice meter , thrifter for two dollars, grey.

So you see, it seems to be one foot forward, two steps back with this “Canadian” themed for the next book club meeting outfit.

Ill save you some frustration, and tell you more stories about this jacket, after the meeting.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate that I finally finished a sock for the neighbour.


I have a story or two to go with this sock, but I’ll keep that for the next post too! Right now,   I just wanna think of it as done! Teehee. Hopefully he will try it on tonight and we will see how far off it is…and I do hope he doesn’t laugh too hard, my first sock and all that. I really think I can do a better job on the next one, now that I know how it goes together, what I should be very careful about etc.

Where Is spring, why is everyone talking about spring…it’s freezing here!

Till the next time we chat,


all photos by ipad camera…some distortion may apply!



Off the Rib


Finally fished the knitted vest.  I ripped back that collar so many times – it was insane. So when it looked like this


I said to myself….good enough



I had put a seed stitch around the bottom of the back and fronts…so….can we stretch our imaginations and say this collar is a combo of seed stitch and ribbing, to match?  No! Ok…but for now I’m saying this good enough and wearable.


I think I will try this pattern one more time in a different colour…and see what happens.

And thats the end  of that story.

Thanks for dropping by…have a great day. We are having winter wonderland snow , and it’s fairly mild.

Till the next time


February ladies book club 2017


Sue Monk’s book, “The Invention of Wings” received –

****.25.         ****          ****            *****

I gave the book a score of 4.  ( pointing to  my Button of hope)



this  book brought up discussions about history, slaves, torture, today’s political situation, travelling outside of Canada and the way people with power mistreat others, slaves of today. We all liked the book.

Missing our friends Margie and Marie as they are on vacation in the USA….enjoying warm weather . Hurry back home for march 23 Rd , Faye’s choice, ” Open  Heart, Open Mind ” by Clara Hughes.


I’ll be visiting the fleece and knit selection of the fabric store as our next book is about a Canadian women who has won awards in the Olympics . My thinking so far is leasure wear, or very Canadian  somehow.  There is always the skater dress..ha ha…or perhaps Stephanie  will inspire me with her very personal Canadian Sewing With A Purpose Project. ( in honour of Canada’s milestone birthday)  we will see what happens.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year. However you celebrate it.

Till we chat again