Ladies good book club :Anthony Bourdain “Confidential Kitchen”



i thought the book was great. I gave it a 4.9 out of five. Two of the women, did not agree, they gave it a 3.5 and under that. The other two ladies really liked it with scores in the fours,  but not as high as mine.

This guy tells it like it is, is funny and a bit if a bad boy (some of us love…at least in fantasy, none of us wanted to be married to him. Ha ha! ) I would encourage someone to read it. In fact I think it should be high school English mandatory reading. ?..get an education!

I’ve worked in a kitchen , in fact, while we were on our road trip I had the opportunity to stop in…..I only wish I was fast enough to have asked the cook slumped outside on a cigarette break for a photograph….ah well, this will have to do. No longer sixteen, and no longer a dishwasher , I also worked part time in a hospital kitchen…every second was accounted for and I was scared to death of the cooks in both places.


Photo credit niece Maggie , bad lighting..she did her best , thanks Maggie!

back to the book.

Some of the ladies thought it was like a text book. Some skimmed the too detailed discriptions, but keep in mind he wrote this book for other cooks. It is a sub culture not everyone is aware of, and being a chef, running a resturant is hard work .

He says the food network  and super star chefs have changed this world, raised the bar, and it’s a good thing. I tend to agree with that.

Really…this book is a bit old now, not necessarily a must read, but definately written well, I’d like to read one of his novels and I would read anything else he puts out there if I have the time.

we ate at a nice resturant in our downtown, sorry I forgot to get a group shot! Eeek


i just couldn’t bring myself to wear the pants I had made and frankly , this is not gonna be my favorite outfit…but it was fun just the same.


I had my five star dinner at my friend Lena’s house just before we went on the road trip ….yummm, very Italian



Lena and her husband had just bought a new car….I feel like I’m Anthony Bourdan in his Italy episode, “no reservations”


Did you see that one where he is driving the fancy convertible around the hills and cliff ?   No?  Oh it’s a good one. Catch it on you tube, if you like.

thanks Lena, it was delicious!


heres a Flickr flash back when I was doing the one hundred stranger group.


Gary, Montana’s Cookhouse.


Mike B&D quality meats


Bob, hot dog stand

yeap…….. I enjoyed the book.

Our next read is called The Nest by Cynathia D’Aprip Sweeney

thanks for visiting me here.

ill get to those puppies next

Till the next time

Joyce. All photos taken by author unless otherwise stated

Sweater update


I took my one dollar a ball wool sweater on our road trip with the plan to sew on the buttons, didn’t happen. But I’m glad I had the sweater as the wind turned cold and it was perfect under my vest ( buttonless)

before we left I bought wool to make grandsonny’s sweater. The “sweet yarn” lady convinced me that the acrylic yarn was just fine for kids…my other choice was 18 dollars, treated  wool for washing. Compared to six dollars a ball, I gave in…and I’m glad I did. This yarn does feel nice. She also talked me into making a size six, rather then a size 4. I was worried about that but thought, oh well, if too big I’ll make another smaller as we are not too close to Christmas yet!


Heading to my small home town in northern Ontario the sweater grows.



You see funny signs like this in the motels


It rained the days we were in Thunder Bay Ontario.

my sister gave me some knitting patterns .


I thought kate would get a kick out of this, and I think I will email her the instructions should she want to make one too.

Hows that for cool!

And this one I remember my mother making me in a blue to go with the bell bottoms she made me


My mother knitted us sweaters, and I never had a pair of store bought jeans! …until finally I got a pair of hip hugger red jeans.


On the way home, stopped for at walk in Sault Ste. Marie. It was a good  place to model my sweater  and it was beautiful to watch this man fly fishing .

A lovely visit with family and I came home with this.


Back, one sleeve and the start of the front.

Book. Lunch meeting tomorrow…”confidential kitchen” going to add a black trim on the neck of my apron today!

till we chat again

joyce….hoping to catch up on your post soon!

Rocky sculpture update


I painted the insides of the cast with clay slip.


Tied it together and turned it upside down, supported the best I could .


( the mr. Took this photo)Filled it with runny plaster, and waited overnight.


Next day,


I broke off the cast.



Then I added the ears back on and cleaned out some of the unwanted plaster.


Lots more plaster to be removed, but I think that will be done more easy when it is dry. The second mini Rocky waits for his turn to be fine tuned too…but we are getting closer to the finished Rockies.

now….for my knitting update…..Coming right up

Joyce.   All photos taken by author unless other wise stated


Master caster? I think not,tee hee.

But, you’ve waited long enough… ta-da!


cracked this baby open……and I think….fingers crossed, any mistakes I’ve made I can over come.

Happened like this: Find the parting line… tap  a spatula just to get started, scared I was going to break the edges off… but no, looked ok…so then added some wedges to really get it parted, but gently.

then I ran a thin wire down the middle. I have never done that before, Usually you can just pull it off, but I was being overly cautious.  I don’t want to start over and it seemed like the right thing to do.  The little piece at the bottom I can replace with clay…no worries.


then I removed the clay.

Next step is to paint on the slip, put these two pieces back together again, held together with something……wire? and then pour a liquidly mixture of Plaster of Paris into the cast……..then……we wait again………..but soon…..we will crack it open again ……there will be a birth= the final sitting Rocky !  so stay tuned…and please, cross your fingers for me!

Sweater update: have to take a minute and figure out how to do a button whole again…but I’m at the finish line on that one…….and I’m anxious to get the yarn bought for Henri’s birthday sweater in time for the road trip.

Flickr Flashback: fake suede makes for a great backdrop (the Mr’s co-worker asked me to photograph her puppies before they left for their forever homes…….super cute)



till the next time.


Sitting Rocky update


Today I worked on the sitting Rocky. My fingers are crossed for a few things. It has been ages since I’ve done one of these..yikes.

anyhow…I took the ears off, and filled in some negative spaces for the making of the cast.


Then i added I added the shimmies and went outside to throw plaster at it.


throwing a light coat, then adding thicker covering.


And now, we wait.


Till the next time….

joyce.    All photos taken by author, out door shots, auto time release shutter.    Fingers crossed!



Lazy post : update

Covering  furniture (again). I really like the material. Looks like squares from far away, but made up of circles.  Gliders are not the most beautiful chairs, but I like how they rock.

Sweater update:can you believe I’m still finishing off the button band. I’m not loven the looks for my seams…might have to do a redo, but I’m questioning if it’s worth it, as the sweater is not fabulous and I likely won’t wear it outside of the house. Took my knitting with me in the boat .. I’ll post a pic of “finished”sweater next time. image

Still excited about knitting and next project will be a sweater for Henri’s fourth birthday in December. We are going on a road trip soon, so I will have that project on the go as we circle Lake Superior.– assuming I finally finish my sweater.


Look what happened ! The wind caught the plastic, taking mini rocky for a tumble.

imageToday I made another in the laying down pose, a little bigger ( cause the mini was so cute).  This is my one piece cast, and I forgot to take a picture of the clay. I let this harden, then I scooped out the clay, painted the cast with a mixture of clay and water, slip….then turned it over, sitting it on a clay bed to be level, and filled with Paster of Paris. It’s needing a little touch up, but I’ll post a picture of it next time.

So, there is a lot of ” next times” …ill be back soon.

Not even a Flickr flash back! Oh well….

sculpture flash back

made this out of plaster. Funny story. I trying to think what I could make the baskets with, and the mr. kept calling me to come look at something. I was annoyed but went to look. He was standing by a cedar tree, reached in and pulled out a little nest. I said…but is there two? Sure enough…ha ha…


all photos taken with iPad camera or phone camera ( really lazy!)

Till the next time


Short post: Rocky sculpture Update


Getting there…lots more to do .

Im no good at math. I have divided my measurement by half…but I think I’m getting quater results! Good grief…go figure . Anyhow…we shall see what happens. She is happy to get it smaller, more places to put it.

Sweater update image


Flickr flash back


this is the last painting I did for my daughter Kate ( husband Dave) parents of the grandchildren. I’m excited to do the  family portrait as the Adam family  for the Halloween season, it’s my next project .

Flickr flash back ….long projectsimage

My sister Lois, crochetedthis lovely table cloth for me …isn’t great!( I have plexi glass over it on the table )….now that’s a long project! Till the next time ,


all photographs taken by author unless otherwise stated

Mini Rocky sculpture update


I am on it!!


As you know, the “clients” want the contemporary sit position Rocky……so  I decided to warm up with a Mini Rocky, so my daughter can put it on her office desk and ……….say….”yeah, my mom made that, its our dog Rocky ” hahahaha.


Cant do videos here……… I have the free blog account. sorry.

This is super small…like six inches tops.

still some tweaking is in order…..but I feel this one is well on its way.  And…..I feel the contemporary rocky will be easier!!

so I’m having a little celebration blog post. We are almost there..Im past the fear stage on this “puppy” ha ha…just gotta get er done.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment is fun fun fun, as fas as Im concerned.

Stephanie…..I will do a continuing the story for you on the Flickr Boys real soon, so stay tuned.

rocky flash back…….”put that camera away!”





sweater up date


not done.

But you know, after reading Stephanie’s and Kate’s blogs about unfinished projects…….I decided…….I need some fun, quick before I stuff this in a bag and “forgetaboutit”!  I don’t have much more to do, but I could use a little break……and so here we have it. The unfinished sweater, based up quickly for a try on……finish the last sleeve and do the band for the collar and button holes and I’ll have my wooly winter warm sweater.  Fingers crossed.  Doesn’t look too bad does it?





anyhow…… I’ve already taken the basting out of the sleeve yet to do…… I’ll just keep at it till it’s done……but for now……this is my fun.

I’m finding it very hard to find some uninterrupted time to get to the Rocky sculpture. fingers crossed …I’ll get there sooner then later.

These last dog days of summer …have been beautiful and life keeps invading my “me time”.

Last night I was listening to my flickr pals , who are now dj’s on their radio station and they were kind enough to mention me and the Mr on the air…….fun fun fun.

so that’s leading into a flickr  flash back.  We went to visit these guys  a couple of years ago on their farm. Take a peek.


A dream come true……..I actually went to Todd and Billy’s farm house in Vermont! (the Mr. took this photo…..hence Im out of focus ;~ ))  A fabulous place…super friendly people.


My flickr friends-Todd and Billy.  I call them “the Flickr Boys”

Now…….this was slightly staged… it was a quick, sit here, let me get a photograph.


But thanks to Billy’s quick click………. I have this awesome photograph of Todd and I….on the porch.  I made that shirt…very country I thought, you know how I love a theme, but its not a good colour for me so I don’t wear it any more. This was the last time I dyed my hair……. twice………oh the story I could tell, but won’t! But I will tell you the terrible story  about how I practised and practised on the piano…..for months and months  Turkey in the Straw so I could play it on the piano in the “barn”…(which was cleaner then my whole house!!)  anyhow….it was a disaster……terrible….and I’m not being modest…IM telling you it was BAd BAd BAd… but I did it ……… I’m going for credit for that and letting the rest go.  thank goodness it wasn’t long…………my poor audience.  oh well……… I tried. (by the way Stephanie, we went through Ottawa on the way home and they had a piano in the street..and I played it much better there——go figure!! ha ha

You see things like this where they live


beautiful eh?

and back to today………….last night I was listening to them on the radio. fun fun fun knitting my sweater to the Mostly Folk music chosen by  Todd and Billy.


And so..that’s my story telling for today.

We are having a long weekend…..and the weather is beautiful…so I’ve go to get outside. Till the next time.

Keep cool

Joyce        —    all photographs taken by author unless other wise stated.    photo by the Mr of me and Kelly Lake Sudbury Ontario.

Bad-ass chef-Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” themed outfit


I have finished reading the book.

When I was sixteen I worked in a restaurant as a dishwasher , and in my early twenties I worded in a kitchen at a hospital.

Its not the life for me. I would not thrive in an environment like that. I will give you my book review after I meet with the ladies, but for now, lets talk sewing.

I made the “apron dress” using one of my aprons as a pattern. Basically its two aprons joined at the shoulders and my neighbour likes the design (because she is always wiping her hand on the back of her rear end – me too, when cooking.)

I bought this McCall’s pattern…which is basically a glorified pj pant pattern – but I went for the no side seam idea…and thought I will use this pattern again…and I likely will…for pjs! I’m kind of getting tired of buying patterns..I really need to learn how to make my own.


very comfy pants……Im happy I made them. I thought the hounds tooth was cool for fall.


It was hot today (photo shoot over cast skies) , so I wore a white t-shirt.  I bought the hat at a local restaurant supplier who sells to the public too……for six dollars. I am questioning wearing it to the lunch meeting.

When I was young and worked as a dishwasher my mother made me about three nice aprons to wear…………..and let me tell you, I loved those aprons. I still like the look of an apron……….I should wear them more often.  Perhaps I will.

This apron is actually a light loose woven wool………its not going to get cleaned. likely a wear it once deal- that’s fine……. He has a sexy nude pic with some large veggie held in the front……..I behaved myself ;~ )

I love the lining and think that is fun fun fun.


I might have to tone this down…….or add more jewelry or something (we shall  see) to the lunch……I wouldn’t want to be hauled into the kitchen for taking too long of a break! Actually the pants and a white top would have done the trick.  anyhow …

I have been watching chef shows of Netflix.

I didn’t know chefs wore clogs…….this was new to me.  Luckily I have a pair so that worked out perfect.

anyhow………I just really wanted to say  a hello to my TWO blog followers. Hi Kate and Stephanie   ha ha…..

and now…..Im going to subject you so some photographs from my flickr flash backs  and of themed dinners. Here they come…..



Everyone’s Birthday…….and we all got gifts! Hands down their favorite !



Cat in the hat theme……yes……….I really had to get creative for that hat!


Weddings theme


Ground hog day theme


lunch themed



French themed

I drew different themes from a pot, one every week for the next theme.  It was fun fun fun!!!  and let me tell ya……..I learnt some things, about different things from countries to food. I think we did this for about two years……..I had a blast!

Back to today 25361286671_0039e4f621_z

cooking at my daughters house, with grandsonny! fun fun fun.

but really……. I prefer to bake


Still working on my other projects too……..I’ll talk to you about them next time.

its still hot hot hot here.


keep cool

and Kate ……….I really do like Jamie’s cook book and his tv shows. Stephanie, I also like Michelle Smith .


and………cooking with wine. ha ha. yeap…… I put on about 30 pounds on this cooking kick… whatever……went to weight watchers and lost it… the mister  does all the cooking and that’s ok by me!


All photographs taken by author unless other wise stated.