Bad-ass chef-Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” themed outfit


I have finished reading the book.

When I was sixteen I worked in a restaurant as a dishwasher , and in my early twenties I worded in a kitchen at a hospital.

Its not the life for me. I would not thrive in an environment like that. I will give you my book review after I meet with the ladies, but for now, lets talk sewing.

I made the “apron dress” using one of my aprons as a pattern. Basically its two aprons joined at the shoulders and my neighbour likes the design (because she is always wiping her hand on the back of her rear end – me too, when cooking.)

I bought this McCall’s pattern…which is basically a glorified pj pant pattern – but I went for the no side seam idea…and thought I will use this pattern again…and I likely will…for pjs! I’m kind of getting tired of buying patterns..I really need to learn how to make my own.


very comfy pants……Im happy I made them. I thought the hounds tooth was cool for fall.


It was hot today (photo shoot over cast skies) , so I wore a white t-shirt.  I bought the hat at a local restaurant supplier who sells to the public too……for six dollars. I am questioning wearing it to the lunch meeting.

When I was young and worked as a dishwasher my mother made me about three nice aprons to wear…………..and let me tell you, I loved those aprons. I still like the look of an apron……….I should wear them more often.  Perhaps I will.

This apron is actually a light loose woven wool………its not going to get cleaned. likely a wear it once deal- that’s fine……. He has a sexy nude pic with some large veggie held in the front……..I behaved myself ;~ )

I love the lining and think that is fun fun fun.


I might have to tone this down…….or add more jewelry or something (we shall  see) to the lunch……I wouldn’t want to be hauled into the kitchen for taking too long of a break! Actually the pants and a white top would have done the trick.  anyhow …

I have been watching chef shows of Netflix.

I didn’t know chefs wore clogs…….this was new to me.  Luckily I have a pair so that worked out perfect.

anyhow………I just really wanted to say  a hello to my TWO blog followers. Hi Kate and Stephanie   ha ha…..

and now…..Im going to subject you so some photographs from my flickr flash backs  and of themed dinners. Here they come…..



Everyone’s Birthday…….and we all got gifts! Hands down their favorite !



Cat in the hat theme……yes……….I really had to get creative for that hat!


Weddings theme


Ground hog day theme


lunch themed



French themed

I drew different themes from a pot, one every week for the next theme.  It was fun fun fun!!!  and let me tell ya……..I learnt some things, about different things from countries to food. I think we did this for about two years……..I had a blast!

Back to today 25361286671_0039e4f621_z

cooking at my daughters house, with grandsonny! fun fun fun.

but really……. I prefer to bake


Still working on my other projects too……..I’ll talk to you about them next time.

its still hot hot hot here.


keep cool

and Kate ……….I really do like Jamie’s cook book and his tv shows. Stephanie, I also like Michelle Smith .


and………cooking with wine. ha ha. yeap…… I put on about 30 pounds on this cooking kick… whatever……went to weight watchers and lost it… the mister  does all the cooking and that’s ok by me!


All photographs taken by author unless other wise stated.


Chef ( book club)inspiration dining outfit Update

Just to let you know, I’m working on a sewing project.

image.jpegHere’s the plan. Wool grey apron style dress (with blood dripping lining for fun) , over hounds tooth pants ,white shirt…. Fingers crossed. We will see what happens.

imageFlash back: this is ” Soup Sister’s ” a volunteer organization (all over Canada). I took part in last year, making soup to be donated to residents of a women’s shelter. The chief volunteers his time to guide the soup making  volunteers , and he provides a special lunch and glass of wine. It was a wonderful experience. I’m not super comfortable in the kitchen as the Mr. does all the cooking in my house.


Flickr flash back



Flickr flash back: peas have been real good from our garden this year.



Flickr fun flash back  ( no photo shop involved) I’m sure people thought I was crazy! 😆  It was pretty nerve racking setting up that table on the sidewalk…but fun fun fun.

keep cool.

till the next time

Joyce                         all photos taken by author unless otherwise stated

Margaret Trudeau, Changing my Mind : Ladies Good Book Club meeting report


flickr fun flash back

This (“Margaret Trudeau , Changing My Mind”) book received  ratings of 3 and 3.5 out of five stars from the four women who attended the meeting. Basically, it was disappointing.  We didn’t have a lot of trust in what she was recalling, and she lost our trust with contradictions in her story telling. (and she had two ghost writers)

I had fun with my themed outfit.  I have a little story about the photo shoot, which I knew shouldn’t be happening in strong sunlight , never mind the high temperatures ! But  I was getting some help from The Mr, so I went for it.  We went to a church downtown, and I wanted a shot similar to Margaret’s coming down the stair.


(photo credit The Mr)

Bad shadows on the face , much too bright but there was no shade anywhere, so we did the best we could and came home.  Two days later I am looking for my zoom lens and I can’t find it anywhere. Suddenly it dawns on me that I must have left it down town (on the sidewalk?). I immediately got in the car and went back to the church. No bag to be seen. I went up the stairs, no bag…I retraced my steps and upon returning to go down the stairs, I see my bag, where I had left it, under the cedar tree!  I look inside…….yeap, the lens is there. wow……..I was lucky!

For the meeting I added a chained belt, and I found this simple bag at a thrift store and  “J” broach to boot!  I put daisy flower trim on the hood and sleeves instead of in my hair. I was good to go!


Our next book is one about the life of a famous chef. (theme outfits idea so far > apron dress, repurposed aprons, table cloth used as material- but we’ll see what happens. )  I will give you the title soon. But in the mean time………………….. I wouldn’t recommend you read Margaret Trudeau.

We still had lots of fun discussing the book



(photo credit the  waitress)

Till the next time


(flickr fun flash back)   Keep  cool


Fun at Margie’s camp – photo credit 7 year old Hudson



Where I sit to knit (in the summer time)


Just a few more weeks of summer left….hope you are enjoying every minute!

Let’s start with a little sculpture update.


I had mentioned I wanted to have this sculpture elevated, so you could easily pick it up, hold it, feel it.  Well, I didn’t let the idea go. I knew there was a tool to copy curves, but I didn’t know what it was called. Hurray for Google! It’s a “contour gage”You press and  these little steel pins move , and Volia …easy ! Then I went and bought some hobby wood to see what I could do, with the very old jig saw we own.


I made this.

the sculpture sits like this

It’s ok….but I think I can do better…I have painted it silver and added a dowel through the two planks…ill keep working on it. I sanded the edges so nothing gets scratched …we’ll see what happens . stay tuned

Rocky sculpture:

I did break into the clay and fooled around with it….it’s a start. image

Id like to talk them into this pose…IMG_4951



I think its much more interesting then the standard sit, looking straight ahead.

My blogging friend, Lori ,   has another episode on her podcast, and you will hear me ( try) to tell the “Missy Story- my most embarrassing sewing story”. There is lots of other fun chat going on too, so scoot over for a listen won’t you .

Check out Episode 3 of the Clothes Making Mavens podcast

I haven’t started another sewing project . But I’m warming up to an idea so that could be happening soon. Is it too late for summer sewing?

Till we chat again


Keep cool.


all photographs by author unless other wise stated

Quick update

Book themed outfit update:


I have shortened the dress, added embellishments. Ladies Good Book Club meeting is set for the eleventh of August. Stay tuned.

sculpture update:

Got the clay in Toronto. My daughter and her husband want the Rocky  sculpture half the real life size, in sitting position, done in a contemporary style –  no details. Fun fun fun . We shall see what happens.  Stay tuned .

sculpture flash back :


Not the best photograph, but this is a stone sculpture in honor of Sudbury miners. It’s base is a stainless steel frying pan ( with up turned handle). …. I was thinking, “bringing home the bacon” .

knitting  update:


I was looking forward to knitting on our road trip to Toronto, to pick up clay for the Rocky sculpture and to help our daughter declutter ( garbage is such an issue in T.O.)  It is about a five hour drive from Sudbury to Toronto. Anyhow…about an hour down the road I discover that I had forgotten the instruction booklet….what!  Good grief. What to do what to do.? I had finished the back and was about to start a front , so I figured it would be about half the stitches. I had finished what you see in photo above. When I got home , I read the instructions and I was ,only one stitch off! but, the button rib down the front was included, so I ripped it back, thinking….what the heck, it kept me busy in the car, and practise can only be a good thing.   Started over…Now, I have decided to do the v neck sweater, which doesn’t include the front band for the buttons and button holes! Good grief….oh well..practise is a good thing right? stay tuned.

hope you had a lovely long weekend

flash back Flickr fun


Keep cool.

till the next time

Joyce, hot in Sudbury (30c for another week)

all photographs by author unless other wise stated






Where I’m at (with Mr. Seamsalright and others)



Today I used my T-shirt pattern  (McCall’s 6964 with full bust adjustment) , once again, as a base to create another Ladies Good Book Club themed outfit.  “Margaret Trudeau – Changing my Mind” has inspired me to create an outfit similar to the wedding dress she made her self and wore for her wedding to Pearrie Trudeau.  fun fun fun. This really feels like a costume to me, so I am going to shorten it to knee length for the meeting, which should do the trick and I’ll be more comfortable. I have been  holding off the last few pages of the book, which I will finish closer to the meeting date……I’ll fill you in on my book report then, and a view of the shortened dress.

I found the material at the local thrift shore, five dollars for the seven meters, and this took every inch of it. I cut the sleeves on the bias, which I would assume her’s was. I used tissue paper to make change the sleeve into the angle wing shape.  It is a very simple dress, but I must say, the sleeves are fun to wear. I’m not finished hemming the dress sleeves and I might add some trim, (and shorten the length as I have already mentioned). Another fast fashion approach, done mostly on the surger.

Flash back: then and now:

I was married to this man in 1977 which is close to forty years of togetherness!!

Knitting progress:

There has been big changes in my knitting plans. I went to the wool shop in town and was told the pattern I had picked would not work with the wool I had found because the needles would be so big, the stitches would be super loose. It would look nothing like the sweater made in Bulky wool.

The wool shop and owner:  Super helpful and very nice.

Luckily when I was visiting my friend Heather and we did some second hand shopping I found this pattern, and it will work with the wool.image


As you can see, I have a lot of the back done. This is a really easy pattern….good for my first adult project…classic, can’t go too far wrong.

Sculpture progress:

In sculpture news, I’m still looking into the clay for my Rocky project, but I want to share , these fabulous horses that were carved by a group of men in North Bay. We like to ride our bikes on the trails in North Bay.  This carnassial is found near the water and beach. It was a lovely day.


In Sudbury, it was the Blue Berry Festival this week.

IMG_4803 My friend Lina invited me over for lunch

Hope you are enjoying your summer too…..


Till we chat again :  Keep Cool!!


All photographs taken by author unless other wise stated.



Folk Festival Wear

Northern Lights Folk Festival  Flash back.

Northern Lights Folk Festival Flash Back : 2015

Last year I paid very close attention to what people wore:



I have been working on what to wear to the Northern Lights Festival as we usually go, at least for the day pass …and so I thought I should sew something……..hippy dippy.


Turns out, I didn’t make it to the festival this year, but I did manage to make my hippy dippy shirt.  This material is rayon and very floaty in the breeze.  I used this pattern


Which I have done a full bust adjustment, to the best of my ability, and I found this pattern really needs a light float-y material.

anyhow……….I now have my summer weight float-y hippy shirt.  done done!

So , back to today :

I don’t usually wear such a long tunic style, but I might say its nice to get the rear end covered occasionally, I was going to shorten it, but I think I’ll leave it for now. I don’t like the sleeves long…it’s hard to know what length is best, so I’ll wear them rolled for now as well.

Sculpture Saturdays put on hold :

I’d like to let you know that I have been given a special sculpture project.  My daughter wants me to make a copy of their bull dog, Rocky.


And therefore…stone sculpture will be put on hold.

I’m going to make him out of plaster which means I have to make a mold and cast.  I need to get some tucker clay (and a lots of it) so I’ll be taking a trip soon to get that done.  In the mean time, I’ll be thinking and collection cans that I will be cutting up into squares to use a shimmy’s…..I’ll explain as I go. For now……….I need to get myself some clay.

Sculpture Flash back :

Here is the sculpture I made for my friend Heather, who I went to visit for a couple of days as her husband and grown daughter were in France.


giving us an opportunity for a little girl time!

Fun Fun Fun.( made the pencil skirt right before I left )

So, back to today : summer reading


I’m enjoying the “Margaret Trudeau  : changing my mind” and I don’t think I’ll be overly challenged for a themed outfit this month. Yippieee. There are many important outfits she mentions in the book, and she herself liked to sew.

I have my knitting pattern chosen:  Its the Ramona Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith on Ravellery .  Today I hope to get to the wool shop in town and buy another set of knitting needles for the proper gage.   Fingers crossed.

I’ll leave you with another shot from last years festival.   Hope you are enjoying your summer music wherever you are.   Peace…and all that jazz!


till the next time


all photographs taken by author unless otherwise stated.






Hip hip hurray


No, I haven’t been at a sit in, I can’t find buttons I want to go on my next top, which is slowing me down. Fingers crossed I find them today so I can be back with a post on, the hippy shirt.

I also have a knitting update. I managed to snag a thrifted (virgin) wool find. Ten balls of the burgany and five of the blue.

I also think I have found a pattern, but I’ll have to get back to you on that shortly too.

I did finish another baby hat !

imageSo, I’ll get the sleeves into the shirt, and bit the bullet on the buttons and hopefully post again before I head off on my little trip ( teehee) to visit my friend Heather for a couple of days.

The Ladies Good Book Club will be reading :

Margaret Trudeau, Changing My Mind.

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting.

till the next time


all photographs by author unless other wise stated .


Sculpture Saturday again


I am done the sanding on this one. The rock looks a lot like red pottery clay, so I’m thinking I will call it “Potter’s flight” or something like that……….I’ll make my final decision later…….feel free to name it for yourself. Another thing so great about abstract it can be whatever you want it to be.

But for me, it will be Potter’s Flight…… fact lets face it, I’ve already named it.  “Potter’s Flight” it is.

now……the other thing about this piece is I’m wondering if I want to mount it on a base — because of the “potter and clay” thingy happening ……I feel it really should be handled. I mean, I feel like you should be picking it up and turning it over in your hand. It is smooth and after I wax it, it will look almost how it looks when it is wet. I thought about sewing a sort of hand shape soft material thing to rest it on…….but no…….I don’t like that idea now.  so maybe I”ll change my mind about the base too, we shall see.

anyhow………..when , or if I do mount it, ….when I am done I will make a little video for in the round viewing.

In the mean time, here’s another Flash Back:


I call this piece “Empty Nesters”  10 in by 10 in. by 4 deep  /2010

I was made right around the time the kids have left home and we were settled into our empty nester lives. If I had to choose only one piece I could keep, this would be it. I guess cause its so personal.

Anyhow…….back to today.   The next step is the dreaded mounting (if that happens to this one) and sometimes I wait and mount all my pieces at once…so we’ll see what happens.

This is what’s up next



Till we chat again

Joyce (who hopes comments are now showing up on her blog and not going to spam, if you don’t see your comment..please let me know at:     thanks! )