Off the Rib


Finally fished the knitted vest.  I ripped back that collar so many times – it was insane. So when it looked like this


I said to myself….good enough



I had put a seed stitch around the bottom of the back and fronts…so….can we stretch our imaginations and say this collar is a combo of seed stitch and ribbing, to match?  No! Ok…but for now I’m saying this good enough and wearable.


I think I will try this pattern one more time in a different colour…and see what happens.

And thats the end  of that story.

Thanks for dropping by…have a great day. We are having winter wonderland snow , and it’s fairly mild.

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February ladies book club 2017


Sue Monk’s book, “The Invention of Wings” received –

****.25.         ****          ****            *****

I gave the book a score of 4.  ( pointing to  my Button of hope)



this  book brought up discussions about history, slaves, torture, today’s political situation, travelling outside of Canada and the way people with power mistreat others, slaves of today. We all liked the book.

Missing our friends Margie and Marie as they are on vacation in the USA….enjoying warm weather . Hurry back home for march 23 Rd , Faye’s choice, ” Open  Heart, Open Mind ” by Clara Hughes.


I’ll be visiting the fleece and knit selection of the fabric store as our next book is about a Canadian women who has won awards in the Olympics . My thinking so far is leasure wear, or very Canadian  somehow.  There is always the skater dress..ha ha…or perhaps Stephanie  will inspire me with her very personal Canadian Sewing With A Purpose Project. ( in honour of Canada’s milestone birthday)  we will see what happens.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year. However you celebrate it.

Till we chat again


Theme dressing ” The invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd


For this theme I decieded to go with black and white material as the story is about a white girl, Sarah , who was given a slave, Hetty, as a birthday present.  The story takes place  in Charleston in the early 19th century.

I used this pattern


First, I have to thank my friend Lena for spending HOURS in the fabric store searching for material with me. Honestly, there was nothing, but this knit! With a vinyl coating! We looked and we pondered, and were very close to purchasing a lace, but in the end we decided the black and white was our only real choice. It was on sale and I’m trying to cut down on the cost of these themed outfits and thirty dollars did not seem bad.

Being a knit, I decided to line the bodice with a light woven black material. I accidentally lowered the bust point before I did the full bust adjustment…therefore, I had to make the bodice twice, to get it right. Therefore…I was short material for the sleeves. I searched high and low for a comparable white or black material. I did put black sleeves in…but I hated them, so ..I took the scraps of the black and white vinyl material, fudged pieces together and cut the sleeves, upper and lower, the sewed them together. Took off the black sleeves and inserted these.  I also forgot to buy extra material for the pattern…so matching the pattern was not a priority – but whatever, good enough, especially as I’m considering this a wearable toil.


Im not one hundred percent happy with the dress, but frankly, it’s the best one in my closet! I lined everything but the sleeves. The minute I finished hemming it, I read a tip to place a one inch strip of interfacing on the hem to stabilize it. Too little too late , ha ha.

The book meeting was moved up to this Thursday, so I need to get cracking and get it read, but I’ve finished the dress, so yippie!


I did a little research on head wraps….and discovered lots of interesting things. African women consider them rebellious. Although I do like to wear head bands, I think for the meeting I will go with a more “60’s” vibe… less perils too, but we shall see, I haven’t really decided. Anyhow….

Ill give you the report on the Ladies Luncheon Good Book Club  rateing  in my next post.

I look forward to making this pattern again, in a different fabric.

Till we chat again




Theme dressing for the book of January 2017

Black Venus : by James MacManus

Ladies Good Book Club Meeting


I am not going to wear this costume to the lunch meeting with the Ladies Good Book Club! But I will take a couple of pictures, for fun!


I love my cane and I liked the book. I’m giving it a four out of five and I’ll be wearing something more like this.


The weather has been really mild this week, so I will add this to get me there and back

Ooppes it was too mild! So I wore the vintage chinchilla wrap. ( beef restaurant, who could complain)


Photo by waiter.

The book got scores or 3’s and 4’s.

We discussed love and drugs and toxic relationships. One member found the book depressing. Most of us liked the discriptions of Paris.More then half of the members have been there.  We really liked this restaurant suggested by Lena. We plan to meet here again next month.

Till the next time, I say…..


Kick up your heels and have some fun….cause this ain’t no dress rehearsal !

Joyce ….all photos taken by author unless otherwise stated.

Bring it on 2017



I’ve been silent for far too long.  Ha ha!

Here’s what’s been happening in my 2017 so far.

The Good Book Club is reading



I have been working on my “book themed”outfit, and i feel it is close enough to “finished” to share .  I’m basting it off the character in the novel Jeanne Duval,the lover of the main character,  Charles Baudelaire. It’s based on a true story. Baudelaire was breaking the rules and writing poetry people were not used to. Edouard Manet had painted Jeanne Duval and it hangs in the Budapest National Gallery now. You can find it in goggle easily enough.

She was race-y ……all about the cleavage …

I won’t reveal my score untill we have our meeting….in the mean time….



Just  the rolled hems to do. A little pressing etc.

Excuse the paper jewelry…that was for Flickr which I have decided to return to for a 365 ….a photo a day for the year 2017.  I’m in a group called ” we’re here” which invades groups that are not very active. We join these groups and post our photographs. It’s very helpful for people doing a 365 of any kind.  You end up doing some wacko things, like zippers in your mouth, but it’s also super fun!

Dont you just love my cane? I found it on line for a resonable price…..there is a walking cane mentioned often in the story which caused me to do a little research. They were used as fashion accessories , and some had hidden weapons, like a blade. Once they were mass produced, they fell out of fashion. They should bring them back!

On the knitting end of things



I’m a little stuck on the collar. I’ve ripped it back twice now. This pattern seems to give information, just for the sake of information, and it’s not really instruction…?   I think I have it almost figured out….we shall see.

It makes me feel like this


But….whatever, I’ll keep working on it ….especially now that I have the themed outfit almost done.

I used this pattern, (mc calls 6770 ) which I used when I made my cousin debbie this costume to wear to a tea party.I made another in pink for me….here’s Debbie


I cut the flounce on the skirt shorter , which really modernized it I thought. …and again used the t-shirt pattern for my top.


I do believe I’ve hacked that pattern up…too much and I’ll have to buy another. It has served me well.

And that pretty much brings me up to date.

hope your year is off to a great start.

Till we chat again.

Joyce     All photographs taken by author unless otherwise stated.


Untill the new year


Ladies Good Book Christmas Lunch 2016

photo credit waiter

We had a very merry lunch, and opened our gifts of books.



I made some cards of my “Santa Kerry” water colour  …even managed some matching wrap from the photo copy store, along with a little Picasso portraits of each of the ladies. Margie received my book. I know she will enjoy it as she is a photographer and follows Humans of New York on facebook. (Sorry the photographs are from my iPad camera in low lighting.)

Our book club member Faye sings in a choir and plays the drums. It was a nice Christmassy event . Thanks Faye .


My hand made knits came in handy for grand-sonnies Christmas concert !



My knitting ( the vest) is almost complete, I’ll show it to you in the new year which I’m really looking forward to.

And so…..untill then , I’m sending you …. a…..



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Joyce      All photos taken by author unless other wise stated




Finished the little Christmas sweaters at long last and added the hats for the fun factor. For the hats I just kind of winged it with what I have learnt from making the pattern. I tried bringing another colour along on Alice’s hat….but it doesn’t stretch! Live  and learn. By the end of our little session Henri wanted his Pom Pom off…no problem, snip snip!

Good thing the kids are cute!

Both have bad colds, it’s the season. Anyhow, this will have to be good enough for this time. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do a little better.

flickr flash back


Hope your week is off to a good start!   Drive carefully out there!

Till the next time


All photo graphs taken by author unless otherwise stated.

Ladies good Book Club Theme dressing : Chinese



I made this tunic for the book ,” Do Not say We Have Nothing”. This material was a little difficult to work with. Fraying was an issue and you could easily pull a thread. I would call it delicate. I don’t really like the sleeves on this pattern. To me they don’t look like three quarter length…they just look too short, period. The vent goes up to the elbow which I find weird as well. However, it’s not the end of the world and it does provide a nice slim sleeve, definitely don’t have to worry about cuffs dipping into your soup.the frogs were finicky to make.


I have learnt that I must strive to plan more ahead of time.  Will I add trim? Then I must cut the cuffs differently to accommodate that choice, well in advance. I did not think the colour is too bad, falling into the good enough catergory. I have always wanted to make something in Chinese brocade, the timing was right, this was pretty much my only choice colour wise.


The pleat at back, I like. I wasn’t going to open it up so far, but you really need to or you can’t move your arms freely…good to know.


Photo credit : waitress

Most of us have this book a 3.75.   I did too. Gayle gave it a 3.5

i did not finish the last couple of chapters. I had issues with the book freezing on my iPad. Most of us felt the book was long and many names, however we all felt the writing was brilliant! I don’t have much history knowledge, and didn’t have time to research so a lot if that was over my head.

Its a great story, if you have time to invest in it.  That’s my conclusion. Would we read another book of hers? We all said no.


For our Christmas party we will be meeting, just for lunch and exchanging used books as our gifts.

Till the next time

Flickr flash back


( margie and I  a couple of years ago.  Ha ha )


enjoy the holidays


Joyce. All photographs taken by author unless otherwise stated

Next up..not so fast


I started my next sewing project. I bought this chineese fabric at half price. It’s rather fancy, and I’m not sure if it’s my colour , but the underside is….so fingers crossed it won’t be too bad . I was inspired to make it for a book themed outfit, and I will have it done for the next meeting ( Do Not Say We Have Nothing)….it’s a little over the top for our casual lunch meetings…BUT… I seem to have a lot of special occasions in the month of May. I think this will be a perfect addition to my spring wardrobe…oh isn’t it fun to think of spring at this time of year!   The pink  makes me think of our apple blossom trees. Anyhow…it has a very nice blue in it, and surely navy will look fine on the bottom half.  I plan on wearing pants..fingers crossed I can pull it off in November!

Im making view D.  Hope I like that collar…we shall see. Three more inches and this tunic could be dress.

I love that it has a pleat in the back, but I make two practise attempts in hope for a great fit…without the reassurance of the pleat. Kind of winged it for the bust, but it looks good to me.

Right out of the envelope , size ten….actual bust measurement 39.  Really?



And hip real meadurement 51.   Well both of those measurements must include the ease of the pleat.

Had to lower th knockers, add an inch…and I went for 3 inches in total for hips.

We will see what happens!

Also…had a fitting of the little red sweater



I will add the zipper, but I doubt if he will want to close it completely, but that’s ok…whatever is comfy. “Oh Canada” is what he is singing…so cute!

Still have to block the little green and get that sewn together…but I’m kinda in of a ” not so fast” mood.

Thinking of adding little hats in the same yarn with mix of white , pompon    Just to cute them up a bit more. We shall see..

And so, till the next time.

Joyce.       All photos taken my author, unless otherwise stated.